Internal Training Center

We’re really proud of our team and our internal education program. The idea is for everyone interested in specific topics to come together and listen to a lecture. Not only that, but our employees can also take on the role of the lecturer and present new relevant and interesting ideas to their colleagues!

By bringing different skills, knowledge and talents to the table, we grow not only individually but as a team as well.

The Internal Training Center (ITC) of ILBE Studios is a professional training program organized within ILBE Studios, part of ILBE Group, and a platform for existing and future professionals who are ready to learn and improve their skills through the use of the latest equipment, and by exchanging experiences and priceless knowledge. Students are internally trained for professional roles in the field of animation, film and VFX by directors, supervisors and leads.

The lecturers are top experts in the field of animation from Serbia and abroad. Occasionally, the lecturers and workshop conductors are external professionals and esteemed guests. We also allow external students to sign up and attend these courses, which is one of the ways to scout talents for internships as well as recruit the best trainees for the most exciting jobs at ILBE Studios.

ILBE Studios is oriented towards supporting the professional community as well as individuals through trust and knowledge and by encouraging them to be open-minded, innovative, proactive and courageous.


    3D Character Animation - Course by Dragana Mandić

    The ILBE Studios Internal Training Center kicked off with the “3D Character Animation” course delivered by Dragana Mandić.

    #ITC is a place for animation enthusiasts and professionals of different levels, who want to fine-tune their existing skills, develop new ones, and play an important role in creating great stories for the young and young at heart, guided by passion, talent and imagination for animation.

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