November 2022

DigiTalk 2022 - Amazing Three-Day Conference in Niš

This year’s DigiTalk conference was a great success from start to finish, exceeding all expectations.

This year’s edition of the DigiTalk three-day conference in Niš, Serbia, organized by Ivan Minić, Vitomir Ognjanović and Vladimir Kovač, from 28 to 30 October, was a great success from start to finish, exceeding all expectations.

Numerous tech giants and pioneers, business experts and innovators were among the conference speakers, sharing unforgettable stories, with our very own Peter Nalli, Head of Animation and VFX at ILBE & IES, among the opening speakers at the conference.

“Far From Home: Connecting People and Places to Produce Animation”

His presentation, called “Far from home: connecting people and places to produce animation”, took place on October 28th, on the occasion of the International Day of Animation. Peter used this opportunity to introduce himself, his work, and our studio to the incredible and enthusiastic audience in Niš.

He talked about his experience in the field of animation and the role and evolution of visual effects in culture, technology, and innovation, as well as the connection between these fields, which is what Iervolino Studios strives to contribute to in Serbia.


He introduced the audience to the “Puffins Impossible“ animated series which was created at IES, the idea behind it, and the movement that our studio is bringing about in the animation landscape in Serbia, as the largest creative animation studio in the region.


Peter’s presentation illustrated the avant-garde, future-focused vision of our studio in the field of animation and film industry, and through a lively and fun Q&A he engaged and shared useful ideas and thoughts with the audience.

Thank you to Ivan Minić, Vitomir Ognjanović, and Vladimir Kovač for organizing this fantastic event, which gathered more than 700 participants, and provided unlimited collaboration, networking and learning opportunities with other tech giants and pioneers – thanks to digital, as well as first-hand experiences of people who shape the global market.

We can’t wait for the next one!

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