December 2021

Animation with Krita - 1st In-House Lecture at IES

Milisav Banković, 2d Storyboard Artist, gave a lecture on 'Animation with Krita' in our studio.

Our friend and colleague Milisav Banković, 2D Storyboard Artist, gave a lecture on “Animation with Krita” in our studios in Novi Sad and Belgrade. Hopefully the first of many #LearnWithIES lectures to come, it was an amazing success. #LearnWithIES is an Internal Education program that we have started at IES and we firmly believe in its value.

Milisav introduced us to Krita, a professional painting program, and the art of creating video clips and gifs which we primarily use for marketing purposes at IES. This lecture was intended for 2D Storyboard Artists and our Marketing Team, but also for everyone who wanted to learn more about the art of animation.

Milisav Banković - Animation with Krita
Milisav Banković - Animation with Krita

This was just the first step, as we encourage and invite all our employees and colleagues to follow in Milisav’s footsteps. The idea behind it is for everyone at IES to come together, learn from each other and share different skills, knowledge and talents that could prove useful and pave the way for new creations and innovations.

Each IES employee can choose a skill or topic they would like to talk about and teach their colleagues about it. Not only is this an incredibly valuable team building activity, but it is also a chance for the whole IES team to grow and develop new ideas.

Animation with Krita - Internal lecture at IES
Animation with Krita - Internal lecture at IES

At IES we use the latest technology, state-of-the-art facilities, and every day our experts expand their knowledge and create something new in a team atmosphere. We’re always open to new ideas because we know how much we can learn from each other. We grow, not only individually as professionals, but together, as a family. That is why Iervolino Studios is so unique.

We can’t wait to hang out again and have fun at our next lecture!

Exciting times ahead at Iervolino Studios

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