February 2023

Turning Script Into Animatic – Lecture at ILBE Studios

Milisav Banković gave an in-depth lecture about translating scripts into animatics at ILBE Studios.

Milisav Banković, Storyboard Supervisor at ILBE Studios, gave an engaging and comprehensive lecture at our studio as part of our Internal Education program about the practical process of converting scripts into animatics to his fellow scriptwriters, storyboard artists and other ILBES colleagues. Thanks to Milisav and everyone else who participated in this amazing lecture, we have now completed our 2nd #LearnwithILBES lecture of 2023!

Turning Script Into Animatic – A Practical Process

Converting the script of an animated episode into an animatic is one of the most important steps in the development of our series. As Milisav himself said, “the animatic stage is one of the crucial phases for the production of an animated episode – this is the part where we interpret the script and translate the written word into the visual language of the series. Direction, cinematography, acting and editing - all of it is defined in this crucial phase, so that our animators and post-production artists have a detailed plan of action while completing the final version of the episode."

The Importance of Structure

Jelena Pranić, Production Coordinator at ILBE Studios, explained why this was such a significant and useful lecture:

"What is established in the animatic stage largely defines the final look of the episode. That's why it has been helpful for all of us involved to once again confirm what the structure of the script is and what the preparatory actions in the interpretation of the scenario are, which contribute to the efficient creation of the animatic."

More Than a Lecture

By attending these lectures, which also tend to include creative workshops and discussions, people from our studio are learning new things in the perfect environment, surrounded by source material they can work on and by people with whom they can immediately collaborate and make instant progress. Mina Ždrnja, Lead 2D Storyboard Artist at ILBE Studios, also shared her thoughts on our latest in-house lecture:

Milisav explained the essence of this topic, which is crucial for storyboard artists in creating a storyboard/animatic, and he did it in a very entertaining way. Using the example of an improvised story about the Pastry Chef and his three sisters, he conveyed the most important thing to consider when analyzing the script and planning the animatic. Most importantly, he held our attention without going into unnecessary and complicated details. All in all, it was a very interesting lecture.

Internal Education at ILBE Studios

Everyone in our ILBES team was invited to attend Milisav’s lecture, as is always the case at ILBE Studios. Colleagues from various departments have the chance to gather together during our internal education program to share knowledge and ideas, learn from each other, and grow together as a team. We can’t wait to see what our colleagues will come up with in the next #LearnwithILBES lecture.

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